As Environmental strategy monitoring center

The communication zone
a great responsibility for Japan and the world's sustainability

The communication zone is a place where you can get information about green action in the Marunouchi area as well as real-time environmental data. The pine pilings and plate glass were recycled from the old and new Marunouchi Buildings.

The salon zone

The salon zone is available for seminars, events and meetings related to the environment. New ideas and systems are spawned by the people who gather here seeking to realize sustainable urban development.

Look. Listen. Think. Enjoy.
Events link up the ecological loop

In the OMY area, various events are held with Ecozzeria as the base. As well as events open to general participation, such as water sprinkling, concerts and workshops, a Community Social Responsibility Report is published for the area giving a recap of ecological activities involving the district, and regular events are held for Ecozzeria members on the theme of resolving issues in the creation of sustainability in urban development.

Water sprinkling project

"Sprinkling water" has been a Japanese way to combat the summer heat since Edo times, and this practical approach has been revived in Marunouchi. Waste water from buildings is cleaned up and used for sprinkling in this urban-style recycling, and the effectiveness of this campaign is being monitored.

Water sprinkling projec

Morning University

Early morning activity helps to reduce environmental impact in such ways as saving energy and easing the commuter rush. We at Marunouchi offer activities such as concerts and workshops to encourage an urban morning lifestyle.

Morning University

Eco-kids Exploration Party

This program offers city children a chance to learn about sustainable urban development through first-hand experience. Workshops and visits to leading environmental companies and facilities give them an opportunity to learn about environmental issues.

Eco-kids Exploration Party

The Marunouchi Club for Global Sustainability,
a membership-based salon

This is a network for the people in charge of the environment and corporate social responsibility in OMY businesses etc. It aims to solve problems to do with sustainable urban development and provides practical information via seminars and presentations about each company's environmental projects.

The Marunouchi Club for Global Sustainability