From the heart of Tokyo to the world
Pioneering sustainability for our children

Caring about the future of the earth
OMY shoulders
a great responsibility for Japan and the world's sustainability

The Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho area, or OMY, one of the world's leading financial districts, is aiming to become a quarter that is also culturally and ecologically attractive. Partnerships between industry, the government, academia and the community are enthusiastically engaged in initiatives whose prime concept is the building of a city where ecology and the economy are symbiotic, an urban model that we can present to the world.

The OMY area is aiming to become a global pioneer for urban environmental coexistence, and is engaged in environmental practices in tandem with businesses, corporations, individuals and the local community. We invite everyone in the area to participate in activities organized by the Ecozzeria Association at Ecozzeria , a facility primed to act as an information resource.

※ The Association for Creating Sustainability in Urban Development of the Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho District = The Ecozzeria Association

The name Ecozzeria is a combination of "ecology" which means the environment and mode of life, "piazza" which is the Italian word for plaza, and "eria" which is a suffix denoting a place where something is made.

A city for sustainable environmental coexistence
- A city full of life for the next thousand years -

Our environmental vision is replete with the expertise and hopes of many different people. We believe that environmental practises aimed at realizing that vision are accelerated not just by equipment and know-how to conserve energy and save resources, but also by the awareness and behavior of the people who use them.

Toward the City of the Future: The OMY Environmental Vision

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OMY Community Social Responsibility Report 2012 (en)

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OMY Community Social Responsibility Report 2011 (en)

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OMY Community Social Responsibility Report 2010 (en)

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OMY Community Social Responsibility Report 2009 (en)

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